240sx ”雅” MIYABI

Spirit Rei 240sx Full aero system”雅” MIYABI

<Development concept>

”雅” is elegant and graceful thing .
In as much as possible simple without losing the line that genuine of the body has , we were allowed to propose a design , such as flowing not to until now .


First, eye-catching in the front bumper , the center of the duct shape to attempt to capture more of the running wind .
Side step the central Hold the overhang , go increases the overhang as the go back and forth shape .
And to have a diffuser shape in the rear bumper , achieving a sporty rear view .


Prodacts Price($)
240SX ”雅” Three-piece set $2,169.00
F bumper $773.50
S Step $672.50
R bumper $723.00
Prodacts Price($)
Fender set front and rear(With Fell cover) $1,345.00
F Fender 40mm $723.00
R Fender 65mm(With Fell cover) $622.00
Prodacts Price($)
Front diffuser(FRP) $672.50
Side diffuser(FRP) $706.50