S13 ”雅” MIYABI

Spirit Rei S13 SILVIA Full aero system”雅” MIYABI

Finally launched !!

S13 debut for Sylvia following the 240SX”雅”MIYABI.
Add a " carbon fin specification " to lip on this front bumper !


Prodacts Price($)
S13 SILVIA ”雅" Three-piece set $1914.00
S13 SILVIA ”雅” Three-piece set(R bumper half carbon)set $2,259.00
F bumper $672.50
S Step $672.50
R bumper $672.50
R bumper(Half carbon)
Prodacts Price($)
Fender set front and rear(With Fell cover) $1194.00
F Fender 40mm $642.00
R Fender 65mm(With Fell cover) $582.00
Prodacts Price($)
Front diffuser(FRP) $642.00
Side diffuser(FRP) $642.00